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Increase Health and Wellbeing Program Participation with Gift Card Incentives

Wellness programs are intended to improve employees' health and well-being. Nevertheless, participation is critical to the overall success of any health program. Health & Lifestyle gift card incentives increase turnout by giving rewards for healthy behaviors that are tailored to your program's needs and goals.

Health & Lifestyle programs can help in:

Bringing Healthcare Costs Down

According to a Harvard study, for every dollar spent on a Health & Lifestyle program, companies save an average of $3.00 in healthcare costs and an additional $3.00 in absenteeism. Wellness incentives, particularly non-cash incentives such as gift cards, are low-cost ways to increase your ROI. 

Reducing Health Risks

Diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and lung disease are the leading preventable causes of death and disability. Better and healthier changes such as adopting a new regimen, exercising regularly, quitting smoking, and routine health screenings are effective ways to reduce health risks in your workforce.

Absenteeism Reduction

Decrease employee absences and the costs associated with it by encouraging employees to take charge of their health. Through Health incentives, encourage them to maintain preventive healthcare visits, vaccinations, and emotional health. Wellness gift card incentives make employees feel valued.

According to a 2019 UnitedHealthcare Wellness Check-Up Survey, 68% of Americans said as little as $2 a day would motivate them to spend at least one hour per day improving their health.



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