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Tired from working from home?
No problem!

Your Reward Card will get you Motivated again 

Employee Reward Program

Every company has different ways of rewarding their employees to congratulate and show appreciation for their efforts. Most of them either reward their employees with cash, physical gifts, or gift cards. However, Rewards by Gift2Games make the process of sourcing and delivering rewards a whole lot easier.


​​​Rewarding Employees just got a whole lot easier with Rewards by Gift2Game Inc. Order online 24/7 and save on procurement, logistics, and delivery. It's instant and you will never have to stress or leave the office again to fulfill orders for rewards.

Employee rewarding, recognition, and engagement programs are central to companies that want to keep their employees well-motivated and productive. 

  • Totally Digital

We digitize the whole employee rewarding process from ordering to delivery of eGift Cards.

  • Biggest Choice

We bring the biggest choice of rewards from our extensive catalog of 150+ popular brands. 

  • Instant Delivery

We make it easy for companies to order eGift Cards online and deliver them instantly by Email, SMS, or Print.

  • Effortless

We save companies time, effort, and cost to meet immediate employee rewarding needs without leaving the office.

  • Account Management

We dedicate account managers to advise on large orders, API Integration, and other amazing solutions.

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